Advanced on-demand analysis of physical security threats

On-demand analytics for physical security threats, using big data and machine learning to assess terrorism risk and model hostile vehicle attacks.

Automated Hostile Vehicle Vector Analysis (Ahvva)

Ahvva (Automated Hostile Vehicle Vector Analysis) is an innovative (patent-pending) technology that uses geographical data, information and imagery to perform vehicle threat and vector analysis for any area in the world. Just select a target location a map, and Ahvva will analyse potential attack vectors, model vehicle behavior (such as velocity and momentum) and provide a risk rating.

Terrorism Risk Assessment (Tera)

Tera (Terrorism Risk Assessor) uses a combination of real-time and historical data to assess the exposure and vulnerability of any address, asset or geographical location in the world to terrorism. Simply complete the online assessment and Tera will generate a detailed terrorism risk assessment report with your threat and vulnerability scores and recommended actions. Available as a web app or as an API.

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