Rapid analysis of hostile vehicle attack vectors using geo-spatial analysis.

Ahvva stands for Automated Hostile Vehicle Vector Analysis. It is an innovative (patent-pending) technology that uses geospatial data to perform vehicle threat and vector analysis for any area in the world. Just select a target location a map, and Ahvva will analyse potential attack vectors, model vehicle behavior (such as velocity and momentum) and provide a risk rating.

How does it work?


Users designate areas for assessment using a simple drag-and-drop map interface. Users can choose from a variety of tools to customise the analysis to their needs and different scenarios.


Geographical data and information about the surrounding area is analysed and algorithms identify possible vectors and perform physics calculations.


The outcomes of the analysis delivered in an interactive web map which users can navigate around, and can also be printed into a detailed report document.

Why use Ahvva?

It’s automated

Ahvva eliminates the need to visually inspect maps, manually identify possible vehicle paths. Users simply select a target on a map, and Ahvva handles all of the information gathering, identification, calculation and analysis. It also handles presentation of its findings, either in an interactive web app or a printable report.

It’s data-driven and scientific

Ahvva uses geographical data and information to understand the area surrounding a target, such as surrounding roads, paths and even environmental factors like weather, traffic congestion, terrain and more. All of this information gets factored into its physics-based calculations to deliver truly comprehensive and scientifically valid analysis.

Generate reports with 1 click

Ahvva can generate a detailed and professional report containing all of its analysis and findings on-demand with just 1 click. This means you can deliver reports in minutes and not days or weeks.

It uses real-time data

Ahvva also uses real-time data to provide additional depth to its analysis, allowing it to factor in weather, traffic congestion, road condition, road type, crime statistics, the type of buildings in the surrounding neighborhood and more.

Use it on demand

There’s no need to call someone, sign a letter of engagement, and then wait for their analysis to come through several days (or weeks later). Ahvva delivers its results in minutes, so it is ready to help you when you need it, anywhere and anytime. Use it to plan for special events, sudden changes in threat level, or to audit vehicle barriers in the field.

Use it on a massive scale

Ahvva can analyse dozens, hundreds or even thousands of assets in a single go – something that would be impossible to perform using physical, manual inspections or analysis. Whether you are assessing 4000 ATMs around the country, auditing all of the security bollards in your local government area, or assessing your insurance portfolio, Ahvva can provide the answers you need.


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