Ahvva Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Ahvva?

Ahvva is the “Google Maps for vehicle threat analysis”. Like Google Maps, Ahvva uses a proprietary algorithm to analyse routes between two points. However, instead of telling you how to get from A to B, Ahvva identifies the routes a hostile vehicle might take to maximise the impact and likelihood of success of an attack.

How does Ahvva work?

We’ve developed a patent-pending system and method to remotely analyse vehicle threats using geospatial data and imagery.

Ahvva uses a combination of geographical data, information and imagery to identify possible paths towards an asset. Like Google Maps, you begin by selecting a “destination”, which in our case designates the “target” or the terminal point for a vehicle attack. The Ahvva algorithm analyses all possible routes to that destination in terms of the potential consequence and likelihood of a hostile vehicle attack.

The methodology used by Ahvva to analyse vehicle paths and behavior follows UFC 4-022-02 Selection and Application of Vehicle Barriers, with Change 1. This specifies the design requirements necessary to plan, design, construct, and maintain vehicle counter-mobility barriers used within Entry Control Facilities (ECF) or as perimeter protection. This UFC is to be used during the design of US Department of Defense (DoD) facilities to ensure an optimal vehicle barrier system is selected by engineers and security personnel for a specific operation within an installation. 

Who uses Ahvva?

Essentially anyone who is responsible for protecting against, or concerned about being subject to, a vehicle attack. This ranges from even organisers to insurance brokers and underwriters, and owners/operators of property assets.

How do see the results or get the data?

You can interact with Ahvva via an online web app accessible via internet browser, or access Ahvva via API.  

Does Ahvva replace analysis by a qualified engineer?

Ahvva does not replace detailed engineering studies.  Aspects such as the selection and design of specific vehicle barriers cannot be addressed without further information and analysis conducted by a qualified engineer.

Does Ahvva work anywhere in the world?

Yes, because we use global data, information and imagery. Ahvva will perform better in places where such data, information and imagery are more abundant, detailed and regularly updated, but Ahvva has processes in place to enhance whatever data is available to ensure that it can generate the best analysis that is possible.

Can I demo Ahvva?

Yes, just contact us at hello@assessthreat.com and we can set up a demo.